Crafty Creatures is an arts and craft drop-in location for all ages featuring over 100 pre-designed crafts. We have everything to get crafty in a bright, open environment and private party rooms for special events! We are all creatures at heart and deep down we LOVE to craft.

We have designed the studio around different age categories for easy exploration of crafts of all levels. Each craft has its own easy-to-follow instruction sheet to allow children & adults to work at their own pace. Children learn the use of reading and language skills even as they create!

Are you looking for crafts for a day creature or night creature?

Day creatures are the kids that love to create in the studio. We have 3 age ranges with suitable pre-designed crafts for each age group. Drop in to see whether you're a Wise Owl, Eager Beaver, and especially if You Eat Glue Too! All day creatures can arrive at the studio, ideally wearing something that may get dirty, to create something to take home.

Night creatures are the adults that can't wait for some time away from the day creatures (even though we love them so much!). Or it's the adult who just needs a change and wants to try something new! We host a variety of DIY workshops for you to make a creation that you are proud to use and display at home. Please view our Night Creatures sections to reserve your chosen craft and spot today as we book up quickly! [Note: All adult reservations are pre-paid on the website to ensure you a spot. No refunds or exchanges.]

Whether you are a day creature or night creature, if there is ever anything new that you would like to see in the studio, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Crafty Creatures is one of the great things to do in Cambridge Ontario!

No time to spend at our Crafty Creatures Cambridge studio location?

We would love to see you in our studio, but if you still love to craft and would like to do it at home, we have pre-packaged craft kits available for purchase. You can buy them through the website or in our studio.

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