We will hold your pre-booked timeslot for 5 business days at which time we will follow-up and extend your time or release the timeslot to others. 

Please follow the following steps to book your venue of choice:
1. Choose your City and follow the links to download the paperwork or submit an online form for your rental inquiry. Submit to the City via email if required.
2. Once you have a reply from the City, email Crafty Creatures (leanne@craftycreatures.ca) and let us know. We will then release your date & time for you to Book your Birthday package.

Submit to: rental@cambridge.ca

Submit online form.

Submit online form.

*Please email leanne@craftycreatures.ca and we will send paperwork.

Other Cities: Please email leanne@craftycreatures.ca and she will be able to assist you with getting the appropriate paperwork should you require.