“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” -Theodore Levitt

A creative business takes us in different directions. Crafty Creatures has offered crafting experiences, projects and kits for adults and kids since 2018. We are thankful for the support, momentum and growth we have been blessed to receive throughout this vibrant community.  Approaching our 5th birthday, we are excited about how our unique creative outlet and community art hub is evolving and expanding. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Our studio at 940 Jamieson Parkway is now closed. We have moved to a warehouse location that is not customer facing so we can focus on bringing you new amazing craft kits & DIYs for adults. We are still around and hosting workshops at so many different locations across Waterloo Region & beyond! 

Workshops, Events and Birthday parties will broaden. By migrating to a warehouse location, we will continue to grow, offering new locations, sites and placement opportunities for workshops, events and birthday parties. Expanded venues will provide customizable conveniences of custom room sizes, location accessibility and home-grown options. We understand that the social component is an integral part of all our creative programs and we cannot wait to develop this further with expanded locations and increased events. 

Our popular e-commerce shop will continue to grow and spark your creative joy. Whether you are planning an event or party, our extensive shop will continue to expand to offer your group, family or child endless creative outlets. 

Gift Cards are still valid and available! Gift cards will continue to be valid for full services, including our growing e-commerce shop and any old punch passes will be honoured at cost. 

Summer Camps Update: Stay tuned as we are working hard to bring a couple of more Summer Camp options in 2023!

A message from Leanne, Owner and Founder

When I dreamed of offering a creative outlet for adults and kids in the Cambridge area, I had no idea it would grow into a delightfully focused channel that would harness and capture the creative spark throughout this community.
I am excited about what is to come and the opportunity to support this community in new, evolving ways. I am incredibly grateful for the loyalty and support of our business throughout the last five years and look forward to continuing the creative spark within all of us. Thank you for your patronage and the many memories at our Cambridge studio location. In the coming days and weeks, we will keep you posted about our Crafty Creatures family and information about these changes. Stay tuned!
- Leanne