Covid Updates

Almost everything! While we still have an amazing selection of crafts for kids & adults, we've pivoted to packaging these items into kits for home. At this time our studio is open to customers for picking up kits and small group workshops (DIY Duos), pending the latest restrictions of course!

When we re-open for kids drop-ins, we anticipate a major change in our feature wall and the unlimited crafting and communal bins that we had before. Hopefully we can have them back down the road, but to begin will be moving to an appointment based, pre-chosen craft booking for creative fun in studio in the near future!


We are located at B5 - 940 Jamieson Parkway in Cambridge, Ontario. You can contact us by email at or follow along on Facebook at

UPDATE: Current Hours are 12pm-5pm Tuesday through Saturday each week.

We would love to see you in studio! Our hours are Monday to Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm.

While we have workshops and events taking place on certain days, we always still have room for drop-ins. Drop in any time with the kids for $14 +HST to stay as long as you like and make as much as you wish!

For adults, we have a variety of DIY workshops on our monthly calendars. Reserve a spot by booking through our website.

Drop Ins/Children/Day Creatures

No! We've got lots of room for you and your group. Feel free to arrive any time that we are open.

No, there is no limit. We make every attempt to keep costs down and allow you to stay as long as you wish and build as many crafts as you like. In return, we ask that those paying to craft are the ones doing the majority of the crafting. As parents with young ones, you are more than welcome to assist, however we do not allow you to me making something for them while they are also crafting (Unless you want pay the drop-in fee as well, of course!)

No, there is no time limit. We would love for you to stay as long as you wish (within our studio hours, of course!)

We would love for you to come in and use our supplies to create anything your heart desires. We just ask that you do not waste supplies for others in doing so. No instructions, just get creative and craft! 

We will be holding themed contests that allow our crafters an opportunity to build a craft that could be showcased on the feature wall.

Our children's crafts are designed for all ages. Our studio is setup for ease of choosing which craft suits your child's age level. We have main age groups broken down into three groups, each designed around the craft complexity, interests of that age group & length of time to complete. 

For adults, we have special events set up as well.

No, we have spent countless hours designing crafts that also include an instruction sheet and allow kids to be hands on with all of their senses. We challenge them to read and follow instructions as they explore how to build their chosen craft. Of course, we have staff here to assist when a question arises!

For children in the You Eat Glue, Too ages of 0 - 4 years, parental assistance will be required.

Adults/Night Creatures

While the drop ins and day time pre-designed crafts are targeted to children, if you would like to use our space to work on your own crafts, even using some of our supplies, we would more than welcome adults during our regular drop in hours too.

If you're looking for a night out, we have created special workshops & adult events which we host. All adult crafts must be purchased in advance and a selected date & time reserved. Adult crafts include the option to purchase alcoholic beverages making it an exciting evening out!

Choosing your craft to create at adult night includes all the supplies and tools required to complete the craft and a staff member to guide you through the process. We provide a social evening out with friends. Alcohol is not provided in the cost of the craft you choose, however will be available for purchase separately pending our liquor license approval.

You are more than welcome to come back another day for you to finish your craft at that time. All tools are required to stay in the studio, but if you need to take some final supplies home with you to finish at home, that is not a problem!


Yes, we do! Crafting is a great way for children to get hands on with their friends and create something they're proud to take home. We have a variety of birthday themes with selectable crafts within each of those themes. View our Birthday Parties page for more information.

Of course! What's great about our location is that you can tell all the birthday party guests who have siblings that they can bring their brother or sister along to craft while another child is in the party! They just pay the drop-in fee to use the main craft zone. That way, parents can stay on premises without actually being in the party if they prefer that option.

Do you have a specific event in mind? Would you like to tailor a baby shower to have all attendees create a keepsake for mom & baby? Looking for a new way for your employees to bond & get out of the office?

We can create something custom to accommodate your group needs. Reach out to so we can show you our location and discuss the crafting options for your group!