SEPT 12 - OCT 17 (6 Weeks) 6-7pm: Art Club [Ages 5-8]

  • SEPT 12 - OCT 17 (6 Weeks) 6-7pm: Art Club [Ages 5-8]

SEPT 12 - OCT 17 (6 Weeks) 6-7pm: Art Club [Ages 5-8]


Join our After School Art Club and learn new artistic skills as we focus on painting, working on your own personal art portfolio! All demonstrated art skills are age appropriate for ages 5-8 and are tailored to the abilities of the group.

From Thursday, September 12 - Thursday, October 17 our session's theme features emulating art around the world. We take a spin around the globe, learning about different cultures and creating art that reflects their region and style.

Week 1: September 12 - Latin America: Amate & Mola

Week 2: September 19 - Canada: First Nations Tlingit Art & Totem Poles

Week 3: September 26 - Asia: Ink Painting and Koinobori (flying carp)

Week 4: October 3 - Central Asia: Henna & Ebru Marbling

Week 5: October 10 - Europe: Dola Horse & Paper Nesting Dolls

Week 6: October 17 - Africa: Masks & Kente Cloth Pattern

Price includes all supplies required for the course.

Choose Your Crafts

First, browse our selection of crafts in studio (Day Creatures) or online (Night Creatures) and choose what you would love to create!

Invite Your Friends

Crafting is fun with friends, so invite them too or drop in at the studio & meet new friends! Even plan a private group event.

Craft memories

Crafty Creatures is an experience! Sure, you get to take home all your crafts, but you also get to make memories!