Wands & Glitter - Reservation

  • Wands & Glitter - Reservation

Wands & Glitter - Reservation


When you book your Crafty Wands & Glitter Birthday Party, you will be treated like a princess. We have created a royal party with the following crafted items that all guests get to make:

  • Glitzy Mask
  • Princess Hat
  • Princess Wand 

Choose Your Crafts

First, browse our selection of crafts in studio (Day Creatures) or online (Night Creatures) and choose what you would love to create!

Invite Your Friends

Crafting is fun with friends, so invite them too or drop in at the studio & meet new friends! Even plan a private group event.

Craft memories

Crafty Creatures is an experience! Sure, you get to take home all your crafts, but you also get to make memories!