Summer Camp Classroom Pack [Multiples of 6]


    Summer Camp Classroom Pack [Multiples of 6]


    Optional Classroom pack add-on for basic tools for camp come in multiples of 6 and include individual supplies as well as items for the classroom:

    • 6 Scissors
    • 6 White Glue
    • 6 Pencils & Erasers
    • 6 sets of Paint Brushes (3 different sizes)
    • 6 Paint Palettes
    • 2 Rulers
    • 2 Marker Packs (24 markers)
    • 3 Water Bowls
    • 2 Hole Punches
    • 2 Hot Glue Guns
    • 50 Hot Glue Sticks
    • 2 Masking Tape

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