To the Moon & Back Mini String Art Fundraiser

  • To the Moon & Back Mini String Art Fundraiser

To the Moon & Back Mini String Art Fundraiser


Wood Round Size: 8-10" wide x 11-13" high *Sizes are approximate and vary depending on the cut of wood.

Board Stain: None - you will sand and whitewash it.

Nails: Black

Difficulty: Low

Create your very own mini string art for your home while you enjoy sipping a glass of wine! This wood round is perfect for a mini decor sign for your little ones room.

We provide the wood round, a hammer, nails, sandpaper, paint and instructions upon your arrival. Staff are available to assist with any questions as you work on your project.

You will sand your wood round, white wash paint it, transfer lettering onto the wood and paint it by hand, hammer in the simple string art design and choose your own string colours to complete the design. 

Create something beautiful for your walls at home, the office or cottage!

No previous experience required. You will be required to sign a waiver when you arrive at the studio prior to beginning your project. If you do not complete your string art within the allotted 3 hours, you are always welcome to come back to the studio or to take the extra thread home with you. Alcohol sales are not included in the price. 

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